Its been over a year since Joy’s parents retired and went back to Thailand and now that the sucky season of Thailand has arrived they’ve come back to the states for the summer and fall. There was a prep work that had to get done, but somehow it snuck up on us and we ended up scrambling to get it all done.

The first thing we had to do was to clear out all my clothes from the 2nd bedroom and move it into our bedroom. The first go around there wasn’t much space for my stuff so i ended up having to live out of boxes so it was time to put in some closet organizers to hold more of our clothes. For the most part the demolishing was easy enough, thankfully because of a crowbar that Thomas happened to give me for christmas. Installation was a little more tricky since we had to figure what kind of layout we needed and had to buy all the right material to do so.

We ended up going with double hangers on the right side and a long hanger on the left for all of joy’s dresses and what not. The middle section we built in drawers for things that could be folded and still left enough room for some more rolling storage at the bottom. It probably would’ve only taken a day to do, but i got started late on Saturday and had to finish up on Sunday.

Once that was done we had to still move furniture around so we could fit in a new queen size bed, and TV that we bought. We figured they’re going to be here for a few months so we might as well make it as comfortable as possible.

Its been two weeks i’ve already gained like 5lbs since they’ve been cooking so much rice and bought three 12 packs of soda which, of course i can’t say no to.

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