To be honest, i had no idea that it was Thai New Years until Roland texted me the day before asking me if i was going to Hollywood to celebrate. Thankfully i didn’t have any plans for what i like to call Meats on a stick day. To get the party started Saturday night Joy and I went to Scoops Westside for some ice cream and we actually got the Durian Yuzu ice cream, along with a scoop of Cinnamon Mocha. I probably should like durian as i remember eating this gummy paste durian all the time and its really not that bad once you get used to the smell.

Joy and I took our time getting out the door in the morning so we didn’t get out until about noon which made finding parking a pain, so we ended up parking at Hollywood & Highland and taking the metro red line down to the festival. We strolled around and picked up some food while we waited for our friends to show up. Roland was the first to show up and he was meeting up some of his martial arts friends to watch the Muay Thai fights but they took forever to start and so i finally found some to share a Singha Beer Tower with.

The beer tower holds between 6-8 beers and is actually not as a good of a deal if you just buy the beers individually, but the fun factor of getting one is worth the tax. Between the three of us we finished it off quite easily, but that was just a warm up as Joy’s friends arrived shortly after. We ended up drinking another 3 beers with them, and by then i had gotten too much sun, and too much fun and the rest of the night was not pleasant. I did eventually make it to dinner, but needless to say i didn’t make it out to my Sunday night league game.

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