For the past week my mom has been in San Francisco waiting for my sister to pop. Days went by, and the only updates that i got were of them going out to eat, walking the dog, and napping. The arrival day passed and it seemed like Kumquat (Kaylee Jane) was never going to come. It all changed when i got a text from my mom at 4:30am on Friday saying that she was coming and they were going to the hospital. Eventually i woke up and headed to work with updates like:

6:34am Nina: Dude, this suuuuuuuuuucks.

8:54 Mom: She ok, in pain every 2 min

10:26 Mom: Almost

1:48: Nina: That suuuuuuucked. So glad its over.

2:09 Mom: Hello uncle 🙂

I was glad to hear when it was all over and everyone was doing fine. It was a pretty tense morning at work with every time my phone made a noise i was looking for an update. If was this tense, i’m not sure how i’m going to be when its my turn to be sitting bed side. Joy and I are headed up to San Francisco the first weekend of May to physically meet the new family member, but with technology today we already spent time with them via video chat at the hospital and Facetime when they were home. Those are the moments when you can really appreciate technology.

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