The past week Joy and I have been fighting off a cold and the Hollywood 5K loomed over us with the weekend fast approaching. Everyday was different from just skipping to walking it, but we eventually just decided to go and see what we could do. In hindsight maybe we should’ve skipped it, but not because of our physical condition.

The race packet pickup happened to be on Friday and so the first test was seeing if we could make it all the way out to the Universal Hilton before 7pm. The freeway was kind to us and we made it to Hollywood at about 6:30, but from there it took us another 20 minutes to find the hotel and figure out where to park since it looked like everyone was just getting there to pickup their race number. When we finally got in, and went to pick up our race shirts it sounded like the whole day for them as there were two shirts, but people grabbing the wrong one (there was a halfathon, 10/5k). We didn’t stay long since we parked at the amphitheater parking lot.

Race morning was ok, as we were originally going to stay at Roland’s since he lived down the block, but when i found out or race time was at 8am, i figured we might as well sleep in our own beds. The race started ok, but when we reached the water station it was just a palette of one gallon water jugs, and no one there to pass them out. People eventually just tore into the boxes and poured themselves their own dixie cups of water. I hope that the Halfathon people had better service. The other strange thing was that the Halfathon, 10/5k basically were 3 different courses and the event coordinators probably didn’t have enough volunteers.

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At least the free shirt was a good one, and i was able to finish the race with a time of 29:39.5, while Joy finished at 30:23.7 without running for the pass three weeks.


For breakfast we picked up Roland and headed to the Griddle for a feast of breakfast foods. We did go a little overboard but its such a pain to get to that we basically just ordered anything that looked good. We ended up getting the Raspberry and Lemon pancakes, Eggs Benedict served over potato skins, and the French Toast.

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