The one thing i like about foursquare that it’ll notify you when you haven’t been to a certain place for a long period of time so it was interesting to see that its been a year since the last time i played at Riverview in Santa Ana. CJ my basketball teammate is an avid golfer and we’ve been trying for a few weekends now to meet up for a round and finally got together this weekend.

Along with our other teammate Steve we went out on course for a 9:15 tee time with gray skies, but thankfully not much wind. I started off the day well with a couple bogeys and pars but carded a 10 on a par four. At the turn i grabbed a hotdog and beer, and after the 10th hole i accidentally bought two more beers (i really only wanted one more). By the 16th hole i was feeling the beers and my peripheral visions started shrinking. Depending on how i scored the 18th hole i either got a 99 or 101. I still think it was a good day as my drives and putts were true, but my iron game was suspect.

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