ElecTRONica is ending on April 15 to make room for the Mad Tea Party so it was imperative that we had to go this past Friday to make sure that we didn’t miss it. We got Andy, Jen, Shane and Joann to come along since they all have passes too and it was fun going with people who knew the park just as well as we do, since Andy used to work there as well.

ElecTRONica is pretty interested as its basically suppose to mimic the club scene from TRON Legacy with lots of music, dancers and even glowing alcoholic drinks. It really made me want to go clubbing again. There’s also a Flynn Arcade with a bunch of 80s video games and of course is well done, and a theater where you can watch an 8 minute clip of the movie in 3D.

The park was super crowded with Spring Break going on which made all rides over an hour wait, and fast passes being sold out. We ended going back to Disneyland to get a funnel cake and actually had a pretty good view of Fantasmic while we ate.

We didn’t really have dinner so we all drove a couple miles west to Choy’s Chinese Restaurant for a late night snack of Honey Walnut Shrimp, Mongolian Beef, and Pan Fried Noodles. I had was so worn out from the day and the food that i actually had to pull over half way home and have joy drive the rest of the way. Nothing like some greasy chinese food finish off the night.

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