Easter always seems to sneak up on me and ruins any plans i have for the day because it has to be the weirdest day that everything is closed. I guess i would really have to be Christian to understand what the big deal is about Easter, considering the only thing i know about it is that people go to church, paint and hide eggs, and eat. Any plans for going to Home Depot or to the mall to buy some shoes were tossed out the window so of course there was only one thing to do.

At least we got to take the real advantage of the Disneyland Premium Pass by going on the least busy day of the spring. Joy and I picked up my parents and drove down to Anaheim to find the park about half as busy as any normal Sunday and were able to get on all the big rides in only 4 hours. We even started the day by getting a corn dog for lunch, then proceeded to get on Thunder Mountain (15 min wait), Splash Mountain (60 min wait, it was hot), Space mountain (25 min wait), Toy Story (5 min wait) and Indiana Jones (Fast Pass).

For our Easter dinner we drove south to Thai Nakorn for some spicy food to warm the belly, and i was home by 7.

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