I can’t  believe that my three year wedding anniversary is this Tuesday and to celebrate we once again bought annual passes to Disneyland, but not any ordinary pass, but the premium pass (more about the price at the bottom). We were planning to go on Sunday to pick up the passes, but since we were in the area on Friday night we figured that we could just get the pass that night and not have to deal with it on Sunday.

Even though it was getting late, we managed to squeeze in a few rides before going home, and tried out the new Star Tours 3D. It was cool to see that they’ve updated the queue with all sorts of new videos, robots, and decorations. The ride itself has 54 different variations so it’ll take a while to see them all, but i thought the 3D was unnecessary.

Sunday we work up late and took our time getting down to Anaheim, and boy was it busy and hot. The day before there was bomb scare but it just happened to be a badly placed geocaching item. We were planning on having brunch at Cafe Orleans for a Monte Cristo but they didn’t open until much later than expected so we tried the Hungry Bear Restaurant.

Afterwards we walked off the food, and made our way to Haunted Mansion, Finding Nemo before heading over to California Adventures. We wanted to check out the Little Mermaid ride and see what was going on with Cars Land. Which by all accounts looks pretty awesome. The rides look fun, and the amount of detail going into the whole section of the park looks well done.

Since Disney implemented a monthly payment plan it seemed like a good way to space out the $500 ticket since they don’t charge any fees or interest rates. Its $80 down, and $35 a month along with another $35 last payment. Considering that if also get free parking it makes it worth it for Joy and I since we’ll need the flexibility to go anytime, and be able to go during the Christmas holidays when its especially fun to hand out at. I even created a spreadsheet to calculate savings/spending per visit.

I’m glad that they still had all our information from when we bought annual passes during the free birthday year so there was very little paper work, and i didn’t even need to take another picture.

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