I used this free trip to Las Vegas as a good chance to do somethings that i’ve never get a chance to do for one reason or other on previous trips. Since we got our rooms for free I figured it was a good time to shift that monies to a nice dinner for Joy’s 32nd Birthday at Le Cirque. The place as super fancy and it was fun, but there probably wont be a follow up meal anytime soon.

Vegas during the day is typically spent gambling, drinking, pool time, shopping or sleeping, but i’m always up during the day, and found the Pinball Hall of Fame years ago, and finally dragged Ben and Tiffany to go along with us to this warehouse of pinball machines. Its in a non-desrcript building with a sign that looks like its been spray painted on.  It brought back lots of memories from the days of Timeout, and it was actually a pretty cheap hour spent there, with me basically spending $5 on machines from all the decades.

In the evening we got show tickets to see the Jabbawockeez at the Monte Carlo. The show was fun, and i barely made it through all the way without nodding off, but half way through the show i was waiting for an intermission so that i could use the bathroom, but it never came, so i stayed up the whole time holding it in.

As a finale we took Ben to the Market Cafe so that he could feast upon the Ox Tail Soup, and do some cheap gambling in downtown Vegas.

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