I’ve been pretty late on the tablet bandwagon and after seeing nina’s Kindle Fire i thought it was time that i get one. As much as i probably would have preferred the iPad, i really couldn’t justify spending $500, especially since i found the Fire on craigslist for only $150 in perfect condition.

Overall as expected the Kindle Fire is not as visually nice or responsive as the iPad but for the price i can get over it. I do actually prefer the size and rubberized backing to the larger and metallic body of the iPad. Joy has been watching her Korean soaps on Netflix on it, while i use it mainly to read. At first i would get a little cross eyed, or misplaced by the scrolling of the pages but i’ve gotten used to it and and actually enjoy not worrying about creasing the pages. I’ve been really tempted to buying a few books that i already own a hard copy of but have held back and bought a few cheaper books and also uploaded a few books that i’ve gotten from friends. I’m interested to see if i would find it useful while traveling but for the time being its doing quite well on my night stand.

I was actually waiting for the iPad 3 to come out in the spring but once again i’ve been underwhelmed by the updates given to Apple’s newest tablet. Apple should have just called it the 2S because the only additions are just upgrades to existing technology. The faster processor, and brighter screen make their “Revolutionary” ad campaign feel two years old already. The only good news is that it may just make me get the iPad 2 since at $100 less it seems like a better deal.

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