For our 3rd Anniversary Dinner, Joy made rsvp at Steakhouse 55 located at the Disneyland Hotel. We figured we might as well use the most of our annual passes and eat fancy with our discount. Its a very cozy dining room with lots of table stacked right next to each other.

Dinner was a delicious meal of crab cakes and onion soup to start with and fresh sourdough bread made fresh at Boudin Bakery in the park.

We Split the 18oz Ribeye with the Steakhouse 55 seasoning cooked to medium rare. As a side we got  the Chef’s Potato Stack Au Gratin which was thick, creamy and awesome.

We also ordered a bottle of their finest cheapest wine and finished it off. The best part was that we could walk it off in the park, and got a churro for dessert.

Full Menu.

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