Its funny how things change, and the roles i have with my parents have switched. Whereas it seems that i’m beginning to take it easy on major holidays, my parents always seem to have some party to go. Lately on the weekends they’ve been going out on some pretty intense hikes and Joy and I decided to join them on their last hike of the year to the Hollywood sign.

We couldn’t quite wake up in time to go up together with them, but i think with our younger legs we were almost able to get to the top at the same time as them even with a slight detour to the front of the sign. The hike itself wasn’t too intense and it was pretty interesting to the see the backside of the Hollywood sign. Almost as interesting as seeing the backside of water.


For breakfast we all headed down the Hollywood Hills to Siam Sunset for hot bowls of jook, chinese donuts, ginger soup and even some pigs blood. It was a delicious ending to the morning.

At midnight we rang in the new year at Janelle’s friends house in Westminster where it was a guilty pleasure party so we bought a 50 pack of Chicken McNuggets and three large order of fries. I think most people were at first shocked and appalled but by the end of the night all the nuggets were gone.

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