For the second week in Thailand Joy and I took our trip to Phuket for four days. While this would be my third time there, it would be Joy’s first. Our plan for the trip was to arrive Sunday late afternoon and head down to Patong Beach to visit the tourist spot on the island, go to Phi Phi Island on Monday, Phuket FantaSea at night, and Tuesday would be a Sea Canoe tour at Phang Nga Bay.

My parent’s friends invited us to stay with them while we were on the island and they kindly picked us up from the airport in the hot humid rain. While on the way to dinner their car broke down and they had to call up their two sons to come help out. Thankfully the car got back up and running, and it worked out because they were about our age and took us down to the Patong instead of their parents.

While on the way there they called up a few friends which we picked up and i’m glad they did because they were a blast to be with too. We started off by having a drink at a new fancy hotel bar that had a wine case full of Cristal. After the rain died down we took a tuk-tuk bus to Bangla Road. One of the friends seemed to be a regular of the road and brought us to a Ice Bar which was basically a bar inside a walk-in freezer where we took a freezing cold shot of vodka, and got the hell out of there. We were still shivering while we were back out in the heat. Next up the same guy brought us to a bar game where you race against some bar girls to hammer a nail into a huge piece of wood with a hammer with a head the size of the nail. If you win you get a beer, but of course if you lose you buy a beer. Obviously we lost. We ended the night at a club drinking a bottle of Vodka and having to call it a night at 2am because we had to catch the boat in the morning.

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