Once awoken from out alcohol induced slumber Ning drove us to the Phuket Royal Marina to drop us off on our Monday trip to Phi Phi Islands. This would be my third time going but the first time leaving out of this specific port which is a million times better than the ones I’ve been to before. The place is the docks for the rich and famous as there are some million dollar yachts just hanging out along side the boats that were taking Joy and I out.

The first stop out in the ocean is the Island where the movie the Island was shot at. Ten years ago people weren’t allowed on the island but now its a free for all and even has toilets built on it so it’s a mad house now. The rest of the trip involves a trip to monkey island and a half hour of snorkeling. Then at noon we had lunch on the actually Phi Phi Island. Lunch was the typical buffet lunch of a combo of Thai and American food, eat some half decent food, dessert and coffee. The last part is spent on island where is basically free time to layout on the beach or do some more snorkeling. Pretty standard stuff like the other two times.

Tuesday we had booked a kayak trip with the John Gray’s Sea Canoe which was featured on last year’s Bachelorette and also in a book that i happened to read Bangkok Babylon. This was a a bit different than the previous time i went because it was a late afternoon trip that ended at night. The trip consists of a boat that drives you out to Phang Nga Bay and kayak around it’s Hongs, which are the land formation that only accessible by kayak during low tide to enter. It gets pretty scary at times where you have to lay down in the kayak because the ceilings get awfully low. Dinner is cooked by some ladies on the boat and is quite the variety of dishes from soups, whole fish and vegetables.

During some free time Joy and I took out a canoe on our own and had some fun while going in circles and caves. In one of the more memorable moments on the trip it started to rain when we got back onto the boat and we decided to jump into the sea and swim around in the rain. Seriously a once in a life time moment.

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