I thought i would’ve had more time to write while was in Thailand but it was such a whirlwind of a trip Joy and I barely had any time to ourselves for the entire two weeks. We kept our travel plans loose because we didn’t know what all of our family’s schedule were going to be and it was a good thing too because things changed day by day. We were taken to dozen of restaurants and ate with family members of all generations which was fun but tiring.

The main event for the trip happened on the second day we were there with one of Joy’s aunts basically throwing us a wedding reception dinner where i invited my family as well. We got our own private dining room on the second floor of a chinese restaurant where everyone was waiting for us.

We got a multiple course dinner with Shark Fin soup, peking duck, and rotated amongst the four tables talking to everyone, taking pictures, and receiving some red envelopes in the process. It was kind of fun doing my best to understand their Thai and them trying to understand my English. Joy’s cousins are younger (15-24) so its definitely a different generation compared to my own family, and definitely a different experience being one of the “grown ups.”  So now i know i have a whole other set of family members on the other side of the river.



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