After Singapore Joy’s Aunt wanted to take us to her friend’s resort on Koh Samet, which is a four hour drive south, and another hour on a boat to a small island off the eastern coast of thailand. Its one of the places i’ve never been to, and it was everything i imagined that Koh Phuket used to be. There’s aren’t any large resorts, lots of individual bungalows, beach side eating, and very few foreign tourists.

Where we were staying was on the opposite of the busier side so we had to take a taxi truck to go check out where all the people were at. Its a slow, bumpy ride with no lights, and a few areas that are only passable one direction at a time. There are lots of restaurants on the beach where you can literally sit on the shore and eat dinner. The best part is getting a fresh made roti made right on the beach.

Its definitely a pretty awesome place if you need a quiet get away without the hustle and bustle of the more popular islands. Its a little more difficult to get to, but i think its worth it to get away from the crowds.

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