With so much uncertainty with floods that are affecting Thailand, the one part of the trip that i knew that i could deal with was our side trip to Singapore. While i can wait on booking our island escape to Phuket until we actually reach Thailand, i didn’t see any benefit of waiting on booking flights and hotels to the city state of Singapore.

After much research on hotels.com cross referenced with reviews from traveladvisor.com it became apparent that it was going to be the expensive part of our vacation. Rooms of at least 3/4 star ratings average around $150 and anything slightly nicer will be well above $200. So instead even though the ratings aren’t super high on Trip Advisor we came to the conclusion that we would get the best bang for our buck by using our Cash and SPG points to get the Sheraton Towers for $60/night.

As for the flights i booked on Asia Air and was pretty giddy that i actually a departure ticket for under $20 each, and flights back for around $60 each. Too bad that they just keep adding on fees here and there, even for picking your seat for $2. Eventually after everything was added on with taxes and fees each round trip ticket ended up being $150.

At least i can look forward to stuffing my face with plates and plates of Hainan Chicken, Chili Crab, and other various spices and flavors from the hawker stalls just like Anthony Bourdain. I know i tend to focus on the food, but from what everyone i talked to about Singapore, thats basically all you do, everyday, all day.

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