I knew that September/October was the rainy season in Thailand so thats why i booked my trip back for the end of November, but i had no idea how bad its been this year. For the past week i’ve been following the daily news about how entire towns are flooded and that Bangkok is now being threatened.

While i’m still hoping that the water will recede in the next three weeks but i’m starting to plan that this trip will be more of relief efforts than a pure vacation.

Its not like just one city is affected but seems like an entire country is being drowned, and i have yet to hear one word about it on our local news outlets. 300+ people have died yet the only thing i see on the western news media outlets is how there’s going to be a shortage on Western Digital hard-drives.

The interesting story line that is coming about is about the newly elected Prime Minister Yingluck (brother of ousted former prime minister Thaksin) who just came into power in July, but seems ill-equipped to deal with such a national disaster. There is growing concerns that her administration is hesitant to make decisive plans and enact special powers for fear that the military will stage another coup to overthrow her party once again. Its very sad that during this time of need for an entire country the people in power to actually deal with the problem are too worried about themselves to do something for the greater good of an entire nation.

It almost coincides with what’s going on in this country when people complain about why the government is doing this or not doing that yet they can’t come up with any better solution instead. Its seems like the only thing people can do now a days is just complain about a problem, and wait until someone else comes up with an idea, rather than trying figure out a better solution for it themselves. At least when Bill Simmons complains about the NBA he comes up with a plan that sounds somewhat plausible.

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