With the recent announcement that my sister is with child now, its time for me to get prepping to be an uncle. Ran through about a decade of scenarios in the span of a weekend and i think i came out of it A OK.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Temple City for Joy’s friend Emily’s baby shower. Its the first of her friends that are about to pop out a youngin and it was a pretty fun day of making fun of one another and pointing to who’s going to be next. There were the assortment of baby games, that a pair of parents won all the events.

Sunday was the 10th birthday party for Joy’s niece Phoebe which we celebrated with everyone in Canoga Park. Before the party though was our present to the birthday girl was a trip to the mall to go clothes shopping. I ended up somehow having to watch the other three kids in the crowded mall, but thankfully they just wanted to play in the indoor playground. Thankfully they’re relatively well behaved and didn’t cause any trouble other than zigzagging as they walked through the mall. I also learned that i have a pretty booming mean voice that i was even surprised to hear when i told them to stop running. It was almost James Earl Jones-esque.

The birthday party was at one of those indoor bounce house places where the adults out-numbered the kids but somehow i ended up getting all the adults to race through one of the houses that led to some very funny moments, a few injuries and lots of kids who wanted to play along, but were shoved aside.

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