The sister has all year long been making a quarterly pilgrimage back to LA to make up for the past few years, and having our weekly video chats during Top Chef have kept us in pretty close contact for the entire year. So this weekend’s trip back up to San Francisco didn’t seem so long since the previous trip up last year.

Joy and I made this trip an extra long one by leaving Thursday afternoon all the way until Sunday. Since we got there in the afternoon we had to take the BART into the city where we killed time doing some browsing around until my sister got off work. After she got into the city we headed to Hog Island for some Happy Hour Oysters.

Nina took Friday off to hang out with us, and we made the most of it. In the morning we took a run to Chinatown to get some Jook and Chinese Donuts to start the day off right.  The day was fully booked with a drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito so that i could get a replacement to my “Friends on a Deathstar” shirt that i lost, and for me to check out the small town for the first time.

Next up with the Walt Disney Family Museum which is based more about Walt than Mickey. It was a pretty interesting seeing the early drawings that he did to the evolution of his first drawing to the 3rd most recognizable character in the world. It was an interesting evolution of just a guy trying to do something that he loved that eventually became the faceless corporate monster which it is today.

The rest of the day was all about getting ice cream and other goodies to eat, but nothing much else eventful.

Saturday was a little more random with Nina having her Hula dress rehearsal before her big performance next week, so Joy and I tagged along to get some breakfast on Fillmore and explore Japantown for the first time. We went to their “$1” store and picked up some kitchen tools, some allen wrenches for myself and other stupid stuff.

For lunch we picked up Jesse and Koa to grab lunch down the street. The weather was the best i’ve ever seen in the city with temperatures in the high 70s, no wind, and just an overly nice shorts and t-shirt weather. That said i still carried around my jacket because i never trust SF weather.

The finale of the trip was heading down to Mountain View to check out Journey in concert. There was a ton of traffic heading to the venue and when we got there, it appeared that they oversold the event. We had the general lawn tickets but when we got there it looked like there wasn’t an inch of room for us. We eventually made it to the very back where there was a stage where we could see one of the big screens.

The whole weekend was fun, and filling so it was good be back in the bay. Can’t wait until they come back down for Christmas.

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