I don’t often buy new clothes in bulk, but when i see a deal i’ll just one it with the quickness. This past week while one of our after dinner walks we went to the new Nordstroms Rack. I’ve actually been on the look out for upgrading my work clothes for some slacks and some more dress shirts. Too bad i didn’t find any, but i end up picking up some new basketball shoes instead. I’m playing with fire just a bit with these shoes since they don’t have as much support i’m used to, but today i played in them today quite well.

Last night after my mom’s birthday dinner we went to the mall for some purchases for Thailand. While Joy shopped for some cosmetics, i browsed the discount racks at Macy’s and got some board shorts, and walking shorts for six bucks each. I love a good find.

As far as groupons go, i’ve slowed down quite a bit on purchasing the coupons. I’ve basically settled on only purchasing coupons to things that i’ve done before, or its so cheap that i wont mind if i never spend it at all. Last week we used our $25 for $50 opentable.com coupon at Paul Martin’s but ended up eating way to much, and spending more money than we probably would have otherwise.

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