Sunday morning after a late night of drinking on Friday and a Saturday of shopping in Orange County Joy and I decided that we needed to get out early on Sunday and get some exercise in. The Pasadena Hiking Pacers is a group that a basketball buddy belongs to which does hikes every Sunday morning at 7am all around the LA Mountains. The start of the new hiking season just began so the hikes are very easy to begin.

This weekend’s hike was at Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Falls which was a super easy 2 mile hike (walking on pave roads for a quarter of it) which leads you into a tree covered valley with lots of water, man made damns, which ends up and a pretty good sized waterfall and lake (pond more like it). The path is well defined and can be easily managed by kids and dogs alike.

The only tough part is going back which is all uphill and at the end is pretty steep, but don’t tell that too all the older Korean ladies walking up like a stroll on the beach.

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