Labor Day weekend was a time to sit relax, eat out once or twice and catch a movie. Joy and I didn’t really have any plans so we just did what we do best, eat and explore. Saturday we went out for dim sum at the really the only/best dim sum in the southbay Sea Empress Seafood. Its technically probably not as good as the ones found in SGV but being only 5 minutes away makes up for a lot of other things. Personally i still think it tastes good, just don’t order off the menu.

Sea Empress Seafood Restaurant 

Afterwards we went driving around and ended up at Scoops Westside for some Oreo Cream Cheese ice cream and Coconut Jasmine ice cream, which were both very good. We got in touch with the Manichans and decided to go to dinner Killer Shrimp after 8pm. It was still early so we needed a snack to tide us over and so we went to Helms Bakery for a hot dog at Let’s Be Frank which makes all natural frankfurters. I preferred the mutt dog (pork and beef) while joy enjoyed the all beef Top Dog. With a few extra hours to kill we ended up at the “discount” Culver City Theater to watch Midnight in Paris which was enjoyable to watch, but i’m sure it would’ve been 10x better if i had taken an Art History or Literature class back in school.

Scoops Westside

Let’s Be Frank

Grabbing a couple drinks at the Brig on Abbot Kinney, the Manichans finally got done doing their thing and we went to dinner at the original Killer Shrimp, which opened their doors once again after 2 years of being closed. Once upon a time there was a restaurant that did one thing, and did that one thing well, a spicy cajun shrimp in a garlicky broth. Too bad we got them a bit early or their menu expanded far beyond their capabilities because the broth to Ben’s opinion wasn’t up to par, and in the middle of the night we all had stomach issues.

Amandine Patisserie

Sunday Joy and i tried to work off our Saturday indulgence by literally running our Temescal Canyon hike, but of course while i initially wanted just a coffee and croissant we ended up getting a croque madame and an omelette. The day ended at the Manichans + RIley with a BBQ of some Korean Beef, some Corn and Pirates of the Caribbean 4 which was a nice way to spend the weekend.

Riley the dog

Market World

KBBQ & Corn

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