Of course no trip to vegas is complete without a little over indulgence and when it comes to over doing it with me its all about the food. Joy and I are not much of buffet eaters but reading over Wicked Spoon‘s (@ the Cosmopolitan) individual serving styles of food seemed right up our alley so we decided to give it a shot for brunch on the morning we arrived into vegas. We planned it just right to get there before 11am so that we would get the breakfast prices and get to sample the lunch items as well.

The highlights of the breakfast items were the red velvet pancakes, eggs benedict, and bacon, while the best of lunch were the green beans, mussels. They also served  tri-tip (i guess they used to serve prime rib), slab bacon (pork belly), fried chicken (no taste) and a selection of asian foods, i wasn’t all that impressed with the flavors. Cross one more place i probably wont be back to, but again i’m just not a buffet person anymore.

Mac ‘n Cheese with ham, green beans, whipped potatoes, slab bacon, mussels.

Assorted cheeses and meats, sushi, korean galbi, dashi soup

Pizza, smoked salmon, watermelon gazpacho, vegetable soup

blueberry crumble, ice cream, chocolate dipped straberries, custurds, and macaroons

The first after game dinner we had was back at the Cal at the Market Street Cafe where they serve up cheap eats all day and all night. While the special for the night was a steak and shrimp combo, i went with the gravy and got the chicken fried steak, while joy got the butterfish. Both were great, and both were under $10 which by today’s vegas standards cheap. There’s also a late night menu thats served after 11pm where you can get their special oxtail soup  which we took advantage of the last night we were there after coming back from dancing at Xs. Market Street Cafe s a bazillion times better than anything you can find open past midnight on the strip in terms of price, type of food and quality of food. Getting a big bowl of saimin or oxtail soup is so much more satisfying then a burger with fries from Grand Luxe Cafe or Denny’s.

Butter Fish with rice and vegetables

Watch out! there’s peanuts in that oxtail soup! But i ate the meat anyways without any problems!

For breakfast on saturday morning i stopped by Lappert’s (all the way from hawaii) for some coffee and malasadas. Granted they weren’t as good as leonards it was still tasty in the morning.

In between our last two games on Saturday Joy and I initially drove out to china town looking to get my leg worked on, but when we found that it was a bad idea we went searching for some noodle soup. We ended up at Asian BBQ & Noodles for a bowl of Duck and Wonton Noodle soup for just $6.

To celebrate our third place victory we decided to have one last buffet at the Garden Court Buffet at the Fremont Hotel where it happened to be Steak Night, which meant there was some guy cooking up steaks to order all night long. I actually enjoyed the steaks and they also served split crab legs. Overall for the price that we paid it was well worth it.

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