It was crazy when friends started turning 30, but now that friends are turning 40 thats just insane. The past week I actually had two friends who celebrated their 40th on back to back nights. The first was of a newer friend Lisa T. who actually pushed her celebration a few weeks after her actual birthday to have it at her friend’s restaurant in Little Tokyo Toranoko. It was pretty cool that they had the whole front patio and a special drink menu made up for her birthday.

The second party was for Mr. BBR of the COC gang out in Placentia at a Dive Bar called Clubhouse Grille & Spirits which brought together all the groomsmen from his wedding some eight years ago. It was a pretty loud and rocking place with Steve and Noel already blasted by the time that I got there, while Roland and I as the young’ins of the group were the ones actually taking it easy. Fun times have led to a Pre-Thanksgiving get together already in the works.

Look how young and skinny we all looked back then.

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