Since the day that we moved into our house we always wanted to redo the kitchen, but with limited funds we always held back. This summer we thought it would be a fun project to at least paint the cabinets and put some hardware on it to update the look. I knew it was going to be a big undertaking, but at the same time its a good learning experience.

Someone really needs to start up a “Man Class” which can instruct guys who grew up around computers rather than saws and hammers so that when i pick up a sander or drill i really know what i’m doing. Thankfully my dad is around to at least give me some pointers about painting, sanding and filling in the gaps.

I never realized how many doors there were in my kitchen until i started taking them down, and counted 19 doors, and 6 drawers. Its took a day to sand down the doors with Jonathan’s help, and its a multiple day process to paint the doors as you have to put down a coat and wait to let it dry before you can put down another coat.

The doors and drawers are one thing, but having to tackle the actual cabinets is going to be a whole other mess that i’m not looking forward to, but i figure that i can finish it by at least the end of the summer.




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