Its been about a month now since my gym membership to The Spectrum has ended and i’ve worked out a total of zero times since. What better way to get into it again with another Groupon but this time for some Yoga. Actually i bought this Groupon back in the winter but just never found a good time to redeem it, until now meaning that its about to expire.

Just and I woke up without really a plan for the day, but it came to me in the morning that we should check it out. There was a level 1/2 in the early afternoon and so we headed out to Manhattan Beach for to get our Yoga’ing on. I know that some classes really get into the spiritual side of Yoga and i really could care less about all that voodoo stuff but i went in with an open mind and thankfully lucked into a class with a very acceptable instructor. He had a good mix of the spiritual, threw in some comedic relief and kept the mind occupied enough without making wanting to kill myself. The class itself was probably a slight too advance for my current flexibility but i got through the class without completely giving up. I really have to work on my concentration because with all things i do, i’ve only got a thirty minute attention span. I got a good sweat on, lasted the entire hour and half class and felt pretty good afterwards. I’ve got another month left and i’m hoping that i’ll get a little more flexible and maybe calm the mind a little.

The whole time that i was doing the poses and stretching in some awkward feeling ways i could only think back to some of my favorite scenes from a couple movies.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Couples Retreat

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