There was a time when i was actually looking forward to watching Cowboys and Aliens, but somewhere after watching the trailer for the n-tinth time i completely lost interest in actually watching it. Television and the Movies tend to skew toward pushing advertisement so much for shows that it becomes unbearable and just plain annoying. I can’t tell which has been worse from the popup advertisements directly during a show or the blatant sponsoring of the NBA finals or other news worthy event. Seriously do they think if they flash a show’s title every 15 minutes that it’ll actually make people think to themselves, hey this show must be good if they’re spending all this money marketing it, or exploiting the marketing Rule of Repetition.

I would have probably would have gone to watch Cowboys and Aliens if they only started showing trailers for it at the beginning of the summer, but since its been playing since this winter i always felt that it was already out and would’ve been on DVD release already. I suppose they wanted to wait for the comic-con crowd to push them over the edge, but with Cowboys and Aliens basically making as much money as the Smurfs this past weekend it probably would have behoove them to release it earlier in the summer and hope to get a double bump because of Comic-Con rather than relying on them for a big opening box office.

At least Family Guy understands how annoying popover ads can be and openly mock their parent company for doing so.

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