Saturday was a day of birthday celebrations. In the afternoon Naomie had her pool party at her Grandparents community center with all her friends. It was a rager with all the 4 and 1 year olds getting drunk off of juice boxes and doing lines of cream cheese frosting up their noses. Overall the day was a success without any breakdowns lots of smiling faces and lots of parents getting some much needed time together. Whereas Joy and I were there just for the food. In the evening I went to celebrate Roland’s 31st birthday in Santa Monica at a place called 31 Ten on Main St. which turned out to be a full on club with a huge line to get in. It was a dual party with his sister in-law so there was bottle serviced ordered so at least we didn’t have to wait in line. The place was crowded inside which made it that much hotter inside. We partied it up until 1 when we headed back to Hollywood to meet up with Joy and her co-workers. I passed out on the couch while they stayed up talking and we eventually didn’t get home until 4 in the morning.

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