Its been quite fun having a regular basketball game to go to once a week, as its gotten me back in shape and as let me get to know a bunch of really good guys. I’ve developed quite a reputation of amongst the other players as being the fast guy, and i’m proud to own up to that, since i learned long ago that my outside shooting, is spotty at best, and dribbling isn’t the strongest of my abilities so as long as i can run faster than my defender than i have an advantage. I’ve learned to exploit this ability at much as possible and its helped me learn to be more aggressive while on the court.

A few weeks ago i got an e-mail from one of the guys asking me to see if i was interested in joining his team for the Las Vegas Invitational. I couldn’t agree to join fast enough as its been something that i’ve known about for years, but never got a chance to participate in. Basically its a 2 day event in Las Vegas where some hundreds of players (mostly Japanese) meet up for a tournament for a good cause. I’ve never actually played regulated ball before, and having refs and actually shooting free throws will be something new to me, but i’m up for the challenge. This will probably the only time that i’m excited about going to Vegas that has nothing to do with alcohol, staying up late, or eating exceptionally fatty foods, but for the pure adrenaline of it. It’ll also be the first time staying downtown at the California Hotel along with all the other 2000 participates and i’m hoping to bump into some people that i know. I suppose i’ll throw down a few bucks at the dollar roulette or $5 blackjack table, but that’ll just be a bonus for everything else going on during the weekend.


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