Those geniuses at YogurtLand who took someone else’s idea and changed it up a bit and has grown bigger and better than the original Pinkberry have done it again partnering up with those Sanrio. Ever since this weekend i kept seeing people checking in and snapping shots of their character spoons and posting them onto Facebook. Tonight Joy convinced me to go get our own after dinner and i have to say i was looking forward to adding to our collection of spoon Tokidoki spoons. Even if they are bio-degradable we like to keep them to use over and over again for ice cream at home.

Also if you go to their website you can enter their sweepstakes to win $1000 shopping spree, more yogurt or a Hello Kitty bicycle.

Here are some of the photos from my friends:

Joy’s photo

Annie’s photo

Nina’s photo

Berna’s photo


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