What was suppose to be an easy hike around Griffith Observatory turned out to be exploration of the hills of Los Angeles. Joy and I had never hiked the place so it was all new and didn’t actually know where to start from and I saw some hikers at the bottom and the hill and figured that it was around there. Little did i know that it was going to be an all morning event heading up paths that we didn’t know in a destination that we could see in the distance but really had no idea how to get there. We ended up have to back track about 5 times, and almost gave up, but finally found the right path to the back route to the observatory. As much as it was frustrating not knowing where to go, it was actually more beneficial since now I know all the routes around and about the mountain.

There is our destination in the distance.

Here is the bridge at the very top of the mountain.

Seeing hikers made us feel better about which way we were headed.


Our victory celebration.

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