Last year some time i saw a commercial for a Star Wars concert that i immediately knew that i needed to see it. The music still can give me the chills and hearing with a live orchestra had to be awesome. So when i saw tickets go on sale at the Hollywood Bowl i jumped on it, even if it was way in the back in the nose bleed seats.

Since it wasn’t a Hollywood Bowl event, outside alcohol was not allowed, but learning from my sister i knew i had an easier chance sneaking it in if it was in a box form. At the security check the guard was groping the boxes while in my backpack that got me sweating but when he waved us on through i had a big smile knowing i just saved myself $30 worth of more bad alcohol. As for food we stopped by this small Hawaiian Cafe in Gardena and picked up some Hawaiian Fried Chicken and Pan Fried Saimin. So we enjoyed our food and wine while the show to start.

I always seem to run into somebody i know at the Hollywood Bowl and this time was no different when i looked back and saw Crystal and Matt looking right back at me. They were a little more slick and actually got a whole bottle of wine in for the show too. We hung out during the intermission and afterwards and it was nice to have some other people to reminisce about the show afterwards with.

The show itself was awesome and gave me chills when the Imperial March song came on. Anthony Daniels (C3P0) was the narrater and introduced each part of the performance.  The show was broken up basically as a song per character in the movies and they projected montages of the movie on a large screen behind the orchestra and at times on top of the entire building which really seem to engulf the entire arena. For an encore the man John Williams came out and orchestrated one last song. It was a great way to finish off the show.

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