Its been a while since i’ve been in a wedding, and i remember why sometimes i don’t mind being part of the fun. Shane’s wedding was a one of kind of event that was literally thrown together in the last minute. While his bride joann took care of all the invitations, and decorations there were many things on Shane’s end left until the end. During the wedding rehearsal dinner on Friday we learned that he’s spent the last night building his own photo booth and cooking up chicken for the reception.

The day of Ben and I headed down in the morning to haul all sorts of things to the wedding location, only to arrive and find out that half the power of the building is out and the staff have no idea when the all the power will be back on. There was nothing we could really do but say a little prayer and get to work.

The wedding went smoothly and even though the power never fully turned on the staff was quick about finding some power generators to power a few the DJ equipment and lighting. Alcohol wasn’t technically allowed, but of course we all found a way to sneak in a little to share me of course with a flask of jameson, and coffee mug of vodka. So we enjoyed ourselves in the homemade photobooth and it was fun catching up with some friends that i haven’t seen in a few months.

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