Nina came down for the weekend for a bachelorette party for friend and invited us to crash the party at BLVD3. Joy and I didn’t have any plans so we called up Roland and walked on over from his apartment. When we got there most of the girls were ready to pass out so the welcomed us to finish the alcohol since most were done drinking. It was an all day event for some of them so i guess it was good that we brought a little more energy to the party.

After all the dancing had been done and the limo picked up the girls it was time for hot dogs. Papaya King hailing from New York opened just a month ago and its open late so it had to be the place to try after the club. We walked about 4 blocks over and ordered a few Side on Top which is a hot dog with chili and cheese AND curly fries, along with that we ordered a kinish (a grilled mashed potato thing) and Joy checked in via Facebook and got a free order of fries which we promptly upgraded to chili cheese fries. I’ve never been a huge fan of NY hot dogs, and these didn’t do anything to change my opinion. Do not get the kinish because it was just like biting a baked potato that needed some toppings of sour cream and chives or something.

After we were done with that we walked back to Roland’s apartment and those two decided that Papaya King didn’t satisfy their hunger so we also grabbed a few Danger Dogs. Those dogs did it for everyone, and i think everyone staggered home with a big smile on our faces.

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