The end of the NBA season has finally finished and it ends up crowning 12 brand new champions. THe big German Dirk Nowitzki took home the Finals MVP and his team that consisted of players, and franchise that had 0 titles combined took home the trophy.

The Dallas Mavericks finished off the unexpected championship against the Miami Heat last night and i couldn’t be more un-opinionated about who won. I couldn’t really cheer on any team but i did cheer on Dirk and Wade which made me root for both teams at the same time.

Prediction follow up:

2010-2011 NBA Predictions

Most Valuable Player: Kevin Durant (Fail)

Defensive Player of the Year: Joakim Noah (Fail)

6th Man: Antawn Jamison (Fail)

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin (still considered a rookie) (Win)

Coach of the Year: Jerry Sloan (Fail)

General Manager of the Year: Pat Riley (Win)

Western Conference Champions: Los Angeles Lakers (Fail)

Eastern Conference Champions: Boston Celtics (Fail)

NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers (Fail)

Prop Bets

LeBron and Wade will both score at least 30 in a game, and lose. (Fail)

Kobe will only play in 65 games. (Fail)

Deron Williams will lead the league in assists. (Fail)

Durant will repeat as scoring champ. (Win)

Kidd and Nash will have retirement rumors by the end of the year. (Fail)

Clippers will have more wins than the Bucks. (Fail)

Gilbert Arenas, Carmelo, and Richard Hamilton get traded mid-season. (2/3 Win)

Suns and Blazers don€™t make the playoffs. (1/2 Win)

Miami gets beat in the second round of the playoffs against the Magic. (Fail)

Looks like i went 6/21. Not a very good season for bets, but thankfully i didn’t put any money down on it. Hopefully there wont be a Lock Out next season and i can hope to improve my record.

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