Here we are back again in Las Vegas for another weekend of fun, partying, and gambling. This time around we went with Joy’s co-workers which was interesting to me since i’ve never met any of them before, and only know them from stories that Joy tells me after work. They happened to be all nurse, very loud and fun. I met all their significant others were nice guys too and thankfully we all got along, and i’m sure the alcohol helped.

We were all staying at the Luxor and made the most of the hotel with a nice coupon book that they gave us at check-in. The first night we ate at the pyramid cafe, and danced the night away at Cat House.

On Saturday Joy and I of course woke up in time for brunch at Bouchon for an order of donuts and chicken and waffles. We then went out shopping because i needed to buy some black slacks for Shane’s wedding next month. We went looking for a H&M and found the hugest store i’ve ever seen. Its three stories high, with a huge display that makes use of all three stories.

After a little shopping, a frozen hot chocolate from serendipity 3, a $1 margarita we went to the pool to layout and do some reading. For dinner we went to Burger Bar in the walkway in between Luxor and Mandalay. We finished our night at Tao back at the Venetian, but everyone was so tired from the night before we didn’t stay out too long. I did win $20 playing penny slots while the girls used the bathroom, so at least i made money for the cab ride home.

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