What was called a “Girls’ Night Out” found me surrounded by maybe a hundred women for a sneak preview of the new movie Something Borrowed. Joy had read the whole series last year, and would end up crying during parts of the book and got really excited to learn that was a movie being made from it. She found a sweepstakes in a Health Magazine a few months ago and got tickets to an event being held at Rave 18 at the Howard Hughes in Culver City.

I thought she was going to find another girl to go with, but i ended up having to go. I didn’t really mind going, but it was funny being one of maybe 6 guys there. I can’t complain because i got a free beer, a workout towel, some packets of Seattle’s Best Coffee and some gummy vitamins.

The movie itself wasn’t as girly and it could’ve been, and i thought that John Krasinski, and Kate Hudson made the movie enjoyable to watch as the supporting cast. While there were just enough humor to get through the obviously frustrating/awkward parts of the movie.

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