The plan for mother’s day was to celebrate it on Saturday night but it turned out to be an all day event of spending time with my mom. Joy had to bring her car to get a tune up at our mechanic in Cerritos in the morning so we dropped it off and had my mother pick us up. It was early still so I called in an order to Denny’s and picked up some Starbucks before picking up the food. We brought it back to the house and all ate breakfast around the kitchen table.


Afterwards we went to the Cerritos Farmers Market to pick up some vegis and fruits, but no flowers for the mother. The parents went off to meet up with their friends so Joy and i went to the Acura dealership to test drive the RDX and TSX and i left just as annoyed by the car salesman as ever, but we decided that the next car we get will be an ’09 TSX. I wanted to like the RDX but i didn’t like how it drove.

After the car was being updated we picked it up, got my parents and went to Costco to rotate the tires. We ate lunch of hotdogs and pizza while we waited for the car. I let my mom pick out her own bouquet of roses while shopping for $16 which makes it easier. For dinner we had RSVP at Matsu in Huntington Beach which Joy picked out. I loved it. It was a classic Japanese Restaurant straight out of the 80s. The decor had lots of curtains, waitresses in Kimonos, and food served in huge boats that took up the whole table. It really did bring me back with the combo of teriyaki beef, chicken, salmon, tempura and california roll. Literally the boat for 2 could have fed at least 6 of us alone, but adding sushi and appetizers too we had plenty to take home.

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