This was the a bachelor party like none other that i’ve been to. I had originally planned to take Shane up to Mammoth with Ben as a sort of a congrats for his future nuptials, but turned out to be his bachelor party in the end. Since he’s not a big drinker, partier, and strip clubs, it was only natural to do something physical instead. Thanks to the large storms in the winter and the unusual spring snow storms there was plenty of the white stuff still in Mammoth.

In total seven of us loaded up in a Sienna minivan that i rented from Alamo, and drove up Friday night after dinner at Sweetie Thai in Cerritos. We were met with a freeway closure on the 14 where we almost got to see a helicopter land on the freeway, and made a pit stop at In ‘n Out and eventually got to our cabin at 3 in the morning. It was freezing with temperature in the teens at night and mid 30s in the afternoon. We took a few shots, beers and went to sleep at 5am. Three hours later we woke up and had a great day of boarding on perfect spring conditions. Sunday we woke up a little later and got a few good hours in before leaving the mountain and headed home. Of course we stopped by Erick Schat’s Bakery in Bishop and finally got back into LA at 8.

I got a lot of flack for not bringing a camera, but hey i planned the whole trip so i just didn’t want to be bothered with it. Ben did bring his camera so there are some pictures, but just hasn’t uploaded yet. The trip was fast and fun, and definitely different from a vegas trip with the guys. Just one more month of bachelorhood and he had a great time with the guys.

View Ben’s photos here.


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