BravoTV has for years now done a really good job about leading one of their shows into another. They’ve found a formula of finishing one show while starting its spin off on the very next week to keep viewers on their station. There is probably nothing worse than getting really involved with a show, and then having the season end and you’re left with a big whole in your schedule that you know be filled until months later.

While the Real House Wives series can basically just pick a new city to pick some woman to shoot, the Top Chef series really has to do its homework and figure out what to do next. Top Chef Masters season 1 and season 2 set the bar pretty high in terms of face known chefs, and i think season 3 they really had to go into the back of some kitchens to get the chefs to come out for this season. Well at least out of the expediting window at least.

I only really knew Chef Celina Tio who i only know from the last season of the Next Iron Chef. My sister did inform me that i have actually eaten at Traci Des Jardins restaurant in SF so at least i have some connection to this season. After the first episode i think that i have a good feeling about the personalities of the chefs and their styles and its definitely pretty obvious that even if they’re not on the line everyday cooking that their skills are far superior than the Top  Chef counterparts. These chefs understand not finishing a dish is worse than putting a empty dish on the table, and that dessert are a requirement for their repertoire.

The best thing about this season is that it looks like they’re taking the original game setup as the original Top Chef having all the chefs compete rather than breaking them into groups which i think will allow the watcher to really get invested in their favorite cook for more than one episode.

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