Thursday was Ben’s birthday and of course he doesn’t let anyone know whats going on until the day of, and even then its not a for sure thing. The plan was that he was going to get off work at 7 and be at Father’s Office by 7:30pm, so of course Joy and I get there at 7:30 and order our food. Everyone else finally arrives at 8:00pm but i guess it was better for us personally because our food came out super fast and we were able to eat without really have to interact with anyone while chewing food.

At 9:30pm we rushed over to Scoops’ new location on overland for some ice cream for dessert. I got their Dr. Pepper and Buttersctoch almond ice cream, while Joy got the Brown Bread (grape nuts) and a mint strawberry ice cream. The best part is that we got a couple more cups to take home and use for our own store bought ice cream.

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