Its good to know that i can still pull through staying up late two nights in a row if necessary. Saturday night we went out to Busby’s in LA to celebrate May’s 30th birthday. The girls sure got their dancing on while i played coat check for the night, but it was fine by me. We closed the place down, but i ended up losing our car’s remote so we had to call AAA to get the keys which were still inside. Thankfully the keys were able to turn off the alarm so we thanked the driver and we headed home. We stopped by Taco Bell for some nachos, a taco and burrito to finish off the night.

I admit i’m not as fun as i used to be, but its just me being responsible and not drinking. The flashing lights and loud music don’t take up much of my mind when i’m sober, but i can keep myself entertained at least.

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