It was Thai New Years, and again i only found out because my dad asked if i was going. Joy put an all out alert to friends and family, and we had a good time eating and hanging out all afternoon. We ended up hanging out with Emily and Thao in the morning, then May and Tony in the afternoon and with Vicky and her kids towards the end of it. We all gorged ourselves and everyone got a little of our favorites. I constantly saw my parents walking back and forth while we sat and ate, and of course my dad got a picture of us hanging out.

It was nice early in the afternoon where we had our picks for food without having to wait in line because by noon it would’ve been too stressful to enjoy myself. I honestly think that prices for food got more expensive as it got closer to lunch time and the crowds were loud and hungry.

I miss meats on a stick.

One year i will find enough people to come out so that we can get a beer tower.

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