The snow is melting the snow is melting! Its been an interesting snow season this year, with a big storm at the beginning followed by lots of sun and one final tease of a snow storm. Joy hadn’t been on the mountain this season so we drove up with a couple of her friends for one bright hot day at mountain high. It was another day of learning for Joy and she finally got the carving down on the flatter parts of the mountain, but its a start and it’ll be real soon before she’ll be carving up the mountain.

After everyone’s legs were tired we packed up and went to San Gabriel for a chinese foot massage, soup, and boba. Normally you’ll get an old lady or man rubbing down your feet and calves, but this time i got a girl that was younger than me. I almost felt guilty about having this girl rub me down, especially since i was wearing basketball shorts, but she had strong fingers to rub out the knots in my back and feet.

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