Weddings on a budget are always tough, but i’m always willing to help out where i can, so last Sunday i helped shoot some engagement photos for them. Shane had proposed to Joann at the Centennial Heritage Museum one rainy afternoon so it was the perfect place to shoot their photos. This time there wasn’t any rain, but plenty of sunshine, and the place had lots of places to shoot at. I always forget how difficult to shoot massive amount of set shots, and i even screwed up the first half of the pictures by not re-checking the ISO and finding out that i was shooting at 3200. Thankfully Ben tagged along and shot at the same time, so its always good to have a backup photog when you can get one. They were a lot easier to shoot compared to his brother, and the lighting was better this time around. Now its just sorting through a few hundred photos and editing the good ones, and tossing the bad ones.

View some of the pictures here.

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