What was suppose to be the original plan for Joy and my 2nd anniversary was a dinner and a show of Beauty and the Beast. Last weekend’s trip to vegas seemed to take of that even, so this became just some random night of fun. We drove up and got to Hollywood at 7pm so we figured we had plenty time to get some food before the 8pm call time. The new W Hotel is directly across the street from the Pantages and so we walked into the Delphine for some food. We ordered their burger (fried egg and bacon) and a beer, and relaxed a bit. Then we just kept relaxing, and relaxing, and our server said that our food was coming, but we couldn’t take anymore and went to cancel the order. The assistant manager seemed sincerely disappointed with the service but waiting over 35 minutes for a single burger was too much.

The show was very entertaining but very long. They perform all the classics that you know from the original Disney movie, plus a few new ones. I did splurge on this show and got seats in Section S, and it was nice to actually be able to see the performers faces and see the conductor doing his thing. The show was very entertaining and included much more humor than i expected. Including the intermission the show runs for about three hours and I knew going in that I was most likely going to fall doze off and i did of course in the middle of the second act following the title song.

Coincidentally a new movie called Beastly also recently was released starring Vanessa Hudgens about a modern take on the Beauty and Beast Story about some popular dude who gets transformed into a skinny white Māori looking character. If they really wanted to make him look like a beast they should of just made him an overweight, hairy, acne scarred teenager and lets see if he could find somebody to love him like that.

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