I’m actually a big fan of watching hockey games live. I think there’s something about the coldness of the arena, the sounds of the shots, and the crashing bodies against the glass that make it so exciting to watch. Although the last time i actually went to a game and knew any players was when Sergei Fedorov was still dating Anna Kournikova. I had some random thoughts thinking that it would be fun to go to a game again, and a day later Thomas messages me asking if wanted to go to a Kings game.

Tonight was a fun night to head out to the Staples Center once again, and especially for thomas since he lives in orange county as usually spends his night taking care of his kid. We got some eats and drinks at corkbar beforehand and got to the game during the second period. Our seats ended up being pretty good in the 200s section and gave us a close view of the action. Of course my favorite times were  when the girls in tight pants and half shirts come out to clear the ice during play breaks.

We left at the beginning of the third period to get some food back in Gardena since the tickets were free and everyone was tired.

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