I always find it funny when ever it gets to be the weekend, and I have absolutely nothing planned to do. Its probably even funnier to myself on how fast i can make plans at the same time. Saturday morning I woke up with no real plans but ended up running/walking 4 miles in Manhattan Beach and then went to visit the parents for lunch with some fat Pastrami Sandwiches in Anaheim. When we got back to the house my mother taught joy the secrets to making her kanom krok and gave us the pan, and ingredients to make them.

At the same time my dad was showing me how he learned to play Jason Mraz I’m Yours on the guitar. I guess he’s been practicing so much that he even made a cd to play in the car.

On our way home we stopped by Ranch 99 to pick up some food and thought about making Hot Pot since all the rain made weather really cold. Hot Pot for two doesn’t really work so i called up the Wangs for a Sunday Hot Pot Dinner. Janelle made her own kombu broth as the package that we bought contains like 75% of your daily intake of sodium, and msg so that was a no go for her or Noah. It was a very delicious, and spicy meal for a rainy windy night.

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