The finale of Top Chef came and went, with Richard Blais coming out victorious over Mikey Isabella. This also meant that Joy’s number 1 pick for Fantasy Top Chef brought her a championship as well. Both chefs looked to have cooked a meal of a lifetime for each of them, and probably could’ve gone either way if there were no names attached to the meals. I actually liked how they got their sous chefs by having all eliminated chefs create a amuse bouche and the two chefs picking blind purely on taste of the bite. I thought this really should have placed together a team of similar tastes and styles. For once i think that the Chefs understood how to use their help and stick with exactly what they wanted cook and how to cook, unlike previous Top Chef Finale losers. I am also very happy they went away with those quirky finales with some sort of limitation or forced style, and just let the chefs cook.

Top Chef Masters Season 3 is coming up, and if you want in on the Fantasy challenge just let us know.

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